“Queer Cyborg Mystic, Honey P. Rosenbloom (they/them) infuses love into their works, be it organizing events with Friendship Garden Game Developers, unionizing their workplace with Alphabet Workers United, or developing games to build intimacy and connection. Advocate for inclusivity, deep listening, and magic, their mission is to build inclusive, caring communities that can withstand the unforeseen changes of life and further the connections between self, other, and being.”

Learn about creating authentic, diverse characters [in games] that are not stereotypes. This online presentation discusses:

  • how stereotypes are perpetuated through their use in the media
  • exercises to analyze characters for good representation
  • how active and engaged listening is the best tool for dismantling stereotypes
  • processes and questions that attendees can equip themselves with to better combat harmful socialized beliefs and keep them out of their games

(Honey 2021)

Considering modern examples of inclusivity in games like Sims, which offer a huge breadth of options for customising your character but limited options for gender, Honey breaks down how to develop games that “build intimacy and connection” with everyone. Another example is presenting all skin tones in the same flattering light.

Not every game includes customisable avatars and choices of genre if you are building a game centred around a protagonist consider carefully why you are choosing certain traits. An example of a game that gets gender inclusivity right is the Four horsemen (Honey 2021).

The answer to inclusivity is deep listening (Honey 2021)