For this week’s challenge, create a plan for how to finish and publish your game.

Following Brush and career coach Rick Davidson 5 tips on the mindset needed to finish a game.

  • Visualisation
  • Stay organised
  • Accountability friend
  • Keep it simple

Prioritise all remaining features, content and bugs – ruthlessly cut all but the most important

Ruthless cutting:

  • I have cut a second power up, some story, one or two environment animations, one or two creature designs and animations and some stretch features like animated UI, complicated dialogue, and programming a boss fight


  • Dialogue and level design, as well as bug-checking

Response to QA and Feedback

The visual aesthetics were generally well recieved, so I’ve decided to spend minimal time on this area.

Immersion, character design and level design appeared to be the weakest areas taking into account the qualitative and quantitive feedback data.

Add a final layer of polish and balancing

During playtesting I fixed a number of issues including controls, level design and bugs. Now that playtesting has finished I will work on:

  • Level design improvement, colours lead to a way out
  • Level design improvement black means you can’t pass through
  • Level design and game mechanics, lead the player to the forcefield through the glowy light balls
  • Backstory and dialogue will be fleshed out
  • UI like health and controls

Get your game to a shippable state

Start screen, win screen and game over screens would improve polish.

Practise making a build

I have practiced building in windows, mac and web – I would like to build the game for the mobile which if I have time I might attempt.