Week 2 Rapid Ideation WIP

Rapid Ideation Plan

This week, the teams focus is on creating a Rapid Ideation Plan, getting to know each other, getting organised and beginning to ideate as a team.

Choosing a Theme

Sustainability: Sustainability is a popular topic, while the team discussed AR/VR, Accessibility and other topics through similar games, ideas and each other’s skills and experience, this theme fit best for us all.

Sustainability is a broad topic:

David Troeger, Aruba, June 2020, Sea ‘Turtle in Aruba grasping for air #BetterPlanet’
The Creative Agency, Brooklyn, March 2020
Markus Spiske, Gesees, Deutschland, August 2020, ‘Planting onion for self support self supply’

Reflection on Team Meetings

“Meetings are useful for building rapport and moving projects forward. They are also extremely costly and disruptive to flow. It’s a shared responsibility to think twice before scheduling a meeting, as well as politely questioning meeting invitations” (GitLab)

Team meetings, I find, are a controversial subject, and the statement above definite in it’s opinion. Focusing on the positive, team meetubgs build high performing teams because they are chance for us to get to know eachother, building rapport, I think, shouldn’t be forced but natural over time.

With this in mind, I’d like to avoid making decisions during our Team Meetings, and instead use the time to discuss ideas, concepts, solutions and support each other through feedback and praise. As an international team, we are not able to all meet together on the same day every week. It does not seem fair, conducive to the team to make decisions without every team member being involved.

Decisions we reached and how we reached them

Instead our decisions were made with asychronus communication and discussion. In Discord, we chat as a group, until we reach a consensus, sometimes we might vote on an idea like Team Names. The more important decisions are only decided by unanimous agreeance.

  • Team Name: The Wild Branch
  • Game Engine: Game Maker
  • Art: 2D focused
  • Theme: Sustainability

Going too slowly

This week after our first team meeting with myself Will and Phil, the team (every member) felt like we could move quicker, we added ideation to the second meeting of the week (Myself, Pat and Debs are in attendance) and plan to continue ideation with Will and Phill in Miro later on that day. We will all collaborate on ideas and then go away and work on our best ones to present to eachother.

Rapid Ideation Plan

Ideation Techniques

“This week marks the beginning of the rapid ideation (RI) stage for this module. Your team has agency over the ideation process and must all agree the terms of engagement. However, this decision should not be made lightly. There is a proliferation of academic literature in the field of design thinking on topics such as ideation, jams and hackathons. The approach your team takes must be supported by research. There might be a particular ideation technique that has undergone rigorous testing and been proven to be effective. You might choose to review approaches to jamming from the 2020 Global Game Jam (GGJ) survey and adopt the most popular techniques (Stålberg et al, 2020). Whatever, approach your team decides to take, it is important to acknowledge that rapid-ideation can be more challenging in distributed teams” (Falmouth University 2021).

Rapid Ideation Techniques discussed

  • Brain Dump
  • 6 Thinking Hats
  • Round Robin
  • The Worst Idea
  • Diversifiers

Individual team members prefer ideation techniques, in my opinion as long as we are collaborating together, we can do so in any supported approach we wish. The team consensus is to brain dump or brainstorms our ideas, sharing them as we go along and then to 6 of them so we are left with 6 Thinking Hats. Citation

Rapid Ideation Plan

In order to do this, you will need a detailed understanding of the team’s situation taking into account each individual’s unique skills and requirements. Your team should create the plan together using a cloud based authoring tool. If you are code savvy you might choose to create it using the Readme file of a Git repo. However, a Google Docs file would be just as good. If done properly, this activity could form the basis of the team charter for an activity later in the module, saving your team a lot of time. However, things are likely to change between now and then as your team settles in. A live doc approach might be more applicable allowing the document to grow as your team does. (Falmouth University 2021)

Team Composition (WIP)

To decide on the team composition, the team went through several iterations of what they would like to do, using google spreadsheets. Every member has been given a long time to think about not only the skills they have but the skills they wish to develop and how.

Team Skills Chart

File Storage & Version Control

File storage and version control were very simple to decide. The team have access and experience with Google Drive and GitHub. Phil, as an experienced programmer and Game Maker veteran set up a GitHub repository and supporting documentation.

Communication Strategy

WhatsApp, Discord, Google Drive & Google Met

Colloborating with an international team

Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness (CATME) Smarter Teamwork system and the Team Performance Scale (Farland et al, 2019)?


Asychronous Communication

“Asynchronous communication is the art of communicating and moving projects forward without the need for additional stakeholders to be available at the same time your communique is sent” (GitLab) as opposed to working synchronously. In most working practices “two or more parties exert effort to be in the same place (either physically or virtually) at the same time”

  • 1) Which project are you currently focusing on?
  • 2) What went live/was completed since Tuesday?
  • 3) What is this week’s top 3 priorities?
  • 4) Do you need help with anything that may slip?”

Individual Schedules


When we do need to Synchronise, Spacetime.am can show individual availability along with that perons timezone.



Group Schedule

We will hold two weekly webinars, due to conflicting schedule. There will be some weeks where we can all attend the same webinar, and we will swap around members at both meetings to build rapport and support. The weekly webinars are Saturday’s at 2.30pm and Wednesday’s at 12 noon. We can move both times to suit weekly availabillity.

Team Meeting

Tools and techniques

Miro Post-it Notes
  • Google Drive
  • Google Meet
  • Trello
  • Discord
  • Miro

Project Management Tools

Performance Goals


Team Goals

  • “Stay Organised”
    “Look back at it and say that was fun. To enjoy it.”
    “Good experience overall. Good work experience, produce something we can be proud of.”
  • “Learn a bit on the way.”
    “Deliberate Practice.”

List of figures

Figure 1. https://unsplash.com/photos/M8xxVih_V_U

Figure 2. https://unsplash.com/@thecreative_exchange

Figure 3. https://unsplash.com/photos/ZSZ6wzNU12Q


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