The team are working through our pitch decks while simultaneously building the prototype.

  • Week 8 (Sprint 5)- Research
  • Week 9 (Sprint 6) – Brainstorming and collating research
  • Week 10 (Sprint 7) – Draft & Feedback
  • Week 11 (Sprint 8) – Submit Pitch

Research (Sprint 5)

Pitch Approach

The Power of Three Again (because it works – Sustainability, Inclusivity and Safety).

Sam Lanyon – About Pitching

The idea of pitching can be quite daunting if you do not have a lot of experience. The RealWORKS team has put together a series of videos that provide techniques and guidance for structuring and delivering presentations. Watch these videos if you require some more general information about how to engage audiences.


  • “engage their emotions”
  • ask questions
  • Engagement: ask them to participate
  • Pre-Stage and Closing: “Who do you need to thank?” Call to action, what are they going to go away and do and what do we want?
  • Enroll your audience

Sprint 6


I gathered together a copy of our pitch decks so far, one or two pitch strategies and some notes. The team planned a synchronous time to collaborate through Miro, taking notes on different topics. We also played around with slides and images to get a feel of our pitch.

Sprint 7

Refining our ideas

  • Talk about why the pitch is so visual (citation)
  • A collaborative session that lasted a long time but created a cohesive pitch
  • UX Team set the tone for photography and selected branding colours, I collaboratively selected images to suit our fun cocktail inpsired cheeky social style


We broke down our collaborative efforts for a pitch into topics and selected a person for each topic depending on who we felt it suited.

Working through our approach.

Step 3. Iterate until our pitch tells a story

More on our approach

The UX Team set the visual tone for our Pitch Deck: Bright and vibrant photography. We then selected our own images, templates and colours (from our branding guide) to suit a cohesive pitch deck that also represents us individually.

Sarah’s Pitch Deck:

Team Pitch Deck Video:

Project Roadmap