Week 8 Sprint 5

Pitch Approach

Pitch Lead: Joanne Petrillo

  • Team: Team, What’s Unique (USP), Why you?
  • Joanne Petrillo: Intro, Customer Traction, Pain & Gain, Research, Competitor Analysis, Product & Demo (navigation focus)
  • Sarah Masters: Product & Demo (art direction focus), Roadmap, Business Model, Investment/Why you/Future Features, Call to Action & End Statement
Pitch Audience

Our pitch is aimed towards Large Scale Accelerator Programs:

“It’s Not Just You, Seed Rounds Are Actually Getting Bigger” (Rowley 2021)
Fig 1. Rowley 2020. It’s Not Just You, Seed Rounds Are Actually Getting Bigger [chart]

Good News! Seed Rounds are getting bigger, and Team Rock-it is aiming for sizable funding to market and scale our phygital mixology classes.

Our Future Features, Roadmap and Growth Strategy make it clear we are looking for a large sum – what is that sum? You decide!

Large Scale Accelerator Programs seek teams they can mentor through funding rounds, so at this stage our approach is to let the investors discuss numbers once we have their interest.

The Pitch Canvas – David Beckett

My focus for the pitch is on the business, investments, product and call to the action side of things. Our approach is to convince investors to invest in well, Team Rock-it!

The team also focused on ‘team’ qualities and how we are unique. We considered a few approaches including ZebraFarm’s The Pitch Board (2021). The Power of Three Again – The Power of Three Again (because it works – Sustainability, Inclusivity and Safety).

Fig 2. The Pitch Canvas
Canva, Presentation & Branding

The GitHub Developer Pack includes a free Canva Pro account, which the whole team could take advantage of, this meant the UX Team could select a template, visual style, branding colours, typography and so on within the presentation.

The Branding team emphasised our presentation should include strong vibrant photography, we could select any photography, animations and so on to suit our individual pitch decks. Setting the tone of our pitch deck meant the team could express their own inner creativity while still presenting a cohesive collection of decks.

Week 9 Sprint 6

Pitch Refining our Approach

We began formalising our approach in Google Docs (this document was completed in week 12).

Pitch Steps

Now we’ve chosen our approach, we formalised the pitch planning process into a number of steps adapted from Beckett (2021) The Pitch Canvas Approach.

  • Step 1 – Choosing our roles (based on our expertise), Audience and investment approach overview
  • Step 2 – Considering different researched/relevant Pitch Approaches
  • Step 3 – Choosing a template and presentation style/branding
  • Step 4 – Collaborative Brainstorm on pitch canvas topics and refining our roles
  • Step 5 – Refining our ideas and Refining our Pitch Deck
  • Step 6 – Polish and refine after feedback

We spent a significant portion of time in ‘Step 6’, refining our ideas/polishing images and presentation.

Pitch Brainstorming

I gathered together a copy of our pitch decks so far, one or two pitch strategies and some notes. The team planned a synchronous time to collaborate through Miro, taking notes on different topics. We also played around with slides and images to get a feel of our pitch.

Week 10 Sprint 7

Pitch Slides

A discussion on a selection of slides from our deck (not a full list).

Fig 6. Masters 2021. What is Space
What is Space?

Space is an experience!

The most important point about Space is we are not aiming to replace physical interaction, but enhance digital and remote communities.

Investment & Why you

Why us? Part of our approach is to convince investors to pick Team Rock-it, we are a team who care about the world, each other and rise to a challenge.

Team Values

Our core values are Sustainability, inclusivity and community, harness the power of three (reference), we emphasise the importance of these both as marketing tools and personal qualities.

Fig 7. Masters 2021. Team Values
Fig 8. Masters 2021. Roadmap
Roadmap & Business Model

After submitting our pitch for feedback I realised I had not considered our business model enough, I went away and found some research on a growth strategy to include in our final pitch, ready for week 11.

Investment and Future Features

If you invest, what will you see with your money?

Fig 9. Masters 2021. Investment
Fig 10. Masters 2021. Call to Action
Call to Action

The end of the pitch invites you to try it out for yourself!

Ready for feedback: Team Pitch Deck Video

The UX Team set the visual tone for our Pitch Deck: Bright and vibrant photography. We then selected our own images, templates and colours (from our branding guide) to suit a cohesive pitch deck that also represents us individually.

Fig 11. Petrillo and Masters 2021. SPACE Pitch Deck [mp4]

List of Figures

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Figure 2. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Product Roadmap.

Figure 3. Team Rock-it. 2021. Pitch Notes.

Figure 4. Team Rock-it. 2021. Pitch Notes.

Figure 5. Team Rock-it. 2021. Pitch Notes.

Figure 6. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. What is Space.

Figure 7. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Team Values.

Figure 8. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Roadmap.

Figure 9. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Investment.

Figure 10. Sarah MASTERS. 2021. Call to Action.

Figure 11. Joanne Petrillo and Sarah MASTERS. 2021. SPACE Pitch Deck [mp4]


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