GGJ Broken Seal

Broken Seal

You can play our submission here:

The whole team worked well together, we each ideated a different idea and then went over the ideas to refine game mechanics and playability. Establishing roles in accordance with not just what we can bring but what we want to do we all found roles where we could collaborate and coalesce together.

My contribution:

I was suffering from a cold during the jam so was taking this one easy, my main contribution was shaders for an arctic day sky and aurora borealis. I also helped make the itch page, put together some pretty images for the game, made a few UI icons and provided many terrible seal puns.

There was a change of plan on the last day, to create nighttime lighting effects for the game which meant my aurora borealis shader was hidden by the lighting and post-processing, so instead, I created a green aurora inspired backdrop for the game a little last minute but hopefully pretty nonetheless.


The game jam gave me space to work with shaders (thanks everyone) and now I feel more confident. I need to develop some 3D modelling and animation skills for next time – I also would like to contribute to more game jams as a team to generally develop collaboration skills.