of people felt that adding their own name added to the experience. The other 50% didn’t feel it added anything and one person objected for security reasons.

Qualitative Data

Fig 1. Masters 2022. Pie Chart for Leader Choice

Denier: 15.4%

Activist 15.4%

Nihilist 30.8%

Overwhelmed 38.5%

Reasons why they picked a leader

“Because climate change goes on natural cycles.”

I thought it would be interesting to try becoming a character who has quite different attitudes to my own (sorry if I’m not supposed to have done that!). And I liked the idea of having all that influence…

“It was closest to the real me”

The leader choices

“Took 5 minutes, read through each twice. If your going to be a leader I figure you shouldn’t try to be someone your not as it wouldn’t take long to get ‘found out’. Wasn’t a difficult choice and found it more interesting and thought provoking.”

“I took some time to consider which of the choices best reflected my own situation, it definitely forced me to reflect on my own responses to the climate crisis and how I fit into these archetypes”

Was there a choice?

“Rather than give a description I would rather have, say, 10 questions so the game chooses for you. eg who do you admire the most: Mandela, Genghis Khan, Lincoln or budda?”

“I felt there was a good range of options! I would probably put myself somewhere between “activist” and “overwhelmed” in my real-life attitudes, and I wonder whether that might be true for quite a lot of people”

The stats

“I think they were good- people might pick the eco-warrior as they have a spread of all attributes rather than pick the leader they most identify with”

The premise

“For me, it would depend on the gameplay mechanics and interface. I usually have a preference for exploring a story over mashing a controller, so I imagine this might be up my street.”

“Obviously topical but not sure I’d pick this as a game to relax with”

Other comments

“As a player, I was curious to find out more about how the world had arrived at this system of leadership and how it all worked politically – but I didn’t feel like I needed all that upfront, just it would be fun back story!”

List of Figures

Figure 1. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Pie Chart for Leader Choice