Sprint Goal

Greybox Prototype for main mechanics in Unity & PlayMaker

Sprint Planning

  • Drag & Drop Card & Building Placement Greybox
  • Climate Change Track Greybox
  • Analyse Results from Character Profile Survey
  • Send Prototype for feedback, to explore players experience

“Procedural Rhetorics expose the way things work, but reflection creates and prolongs this process” (Bogost 2009:333)


Card System

Fig 1. Masters 2022. Screenshot of Card System in Unity

Fig 2. Masters 2022. Screenshot of PlayMaker CardDropped

I used a script for the cards to drag and drop, which I can now apply to any object. But the cards are placed anywhere on the screen which doesn’t look very neat! I also need to count the points on the card later on.

Romi Fauzis’ ‘Word Scramble Game with Playmaker – Unity’ utilised similar mechanics to the card game I am building. While the tutorial is designed for a simple scrabble game, it’s the perfect starting point for a card game, instead of scrabble tiles we have building cards and instead of letter points, we have CO2 emissions!

The objects are using a C# script to drag and drop but I also could have used PlayMaker to do this.

The Climate Change Track

The Climate Change Track was considerably more complicated because there are little to no tutorials on creating this kind of mechanic and took most of the sprint to get working. Counting the points on the cards was easy, and the climate change track would go up. When you place enough ‘green’ points the climate change track should go down again – this is where I spent a lot of time trying to work out why the sums did not add up. Essentially, the green points were being counted twice due to a miscalculation.

Fig 3. Masters 2022. Screenshot of Climate Change Track Points

Fig 4. Masters 2022. Screenshot of Climate Change Track and Cards

Placing a Building on a Grid

Tamara Makes Games has a series of fantastic tutorials on creating and using the grid system in Unity for Isometric games.

The grid system is half set up, due to setbacks, so I have pushed this task to Sprint 5 where I will be creating buildings and art assets.

I have set up a grid, and you can place buildings but there is some extra juice I would like to add like painting the background and setting up a system to show the player available building slots.

Fig 5. Masters 2022. Screenshot of Grid System


I have managed to program two important mechanics for my game and received interesting mixed-method data on the character archetypes and choices. During my supervisor meeting, we discussed how the cards at the moment do not offer enough choice and this will be the focus of my next sprint. Events and choice.


Figure 1. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Screenshot of Card System in Unity.

Figure 2. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Screenshot of PlayMaker CardDropped.

Figure 3. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Screenshot of Climate Change Track Points.

Figure 4. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Screenshot of Climate Change Track and Cards.

Figure 5. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Screenshot of Grid System.