Sprint Goal: Art Direction that elicits Anxiety & Hope.

Sprint Reading:


Sprint Planning:

  • To create a background
  • To create all the icons for buildings
  • To create a full card set
  • To begin special effects and animation

Stretch goal:

  • To finish programming building placement


Fig 1. Masters 2022. Games Moodboard

Art Noveau

Fig 2. Zodiac Calendar by Alphonse Mucha (1896)

Fig 3. The Peacock Skirt, by Aubrey Beardsley, (1892)

Concept Art: The Floating Island Backdrop

Fig 4. Masters 2022. Island Concept Art

Fig 5. Masters 2022. Island Concept Art Watercolour

Fig 6. Masters 2022. Island Sea Concept Art

City Icons & Buildings

Fig 7. Masters 2022. Art Assets

The Card Design Process:

Fig 8. Masters 2022. Draft Card Designs

Final Design

The card designs were iterated on throughout further sprints until I finally came up with this design:

Fig 9. Masters 2022. Card Designs


Art week felt unproductive but art requires a lot of iteration and work. The nature of creating something aesthetically pleasing, cohesive and accessible means it can’t be done in three weeks alone. While working through future sprints I will also still be slowly drawing and creating my backlog of cards and icons.

List of Figures

Figure 1. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Games Moodboard.

Figure 2. Zodiac Calendar by Alphonse Mucha (1896)

Figure 3. The Peacock Skirt, by Aubrey Beardsley,

Figure 4. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Island Concept Art.

Figure 5. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Island Concept Art Watercolour.

Figure 6. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Island Sea Concept Art.

Figure 7. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Art Assets.

Figure 8. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Draft Card Designs.

Figure 9. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Card Designs.


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