Complex Emotions in Game Design

Rather than weaponising fear or hope, we should explore complex emotions like grief, responsibility, trust, confidence and so on.

New Wave of Eco-Punks

Solarpunk, Forestpunk, Eco-Punk

The aim of my work is to inspire all of us to find our own inner punk. To read critically about our environment, change our relationship with nature, change the way we think about society and start to think about actions we can take to save our future.

New Storytelling Methods

“There are so many doom-soaked stories out there – about how civilisation, humanity, even life itself are scheduled to die out. This apocalyptic thinking is due to another narrative failure: the inability to imagine a world different than the one we currently inhabit” Solnit.

Exploring new worlds, consequences and fates where society thinks and feels differently. Imagining worlds without capitalism, where society values everyone, where we take responsibility for the ecological and human violence we have already committed and start to heal.

Games like

Game Design storytelling methods might include exploring cooperative games, indirect multiplayer and choice and consequences as well as subgenres of cyberpunk and aesthetics focused on climate change futures.

Transformative Reflection

Through the design and development of eco games, I would like to discover the strategies to creating moments of transformative reflection in games, specifically to inspire players to take action, and become eco-activists.

Action & Activism