For the game design module, after the first week of workshops, we all grouped together and created analogue games. Literaylly, anyone can be Prime Minister is a satire of the current state of British politics, inspired heavily by Cards Against Humanity.

Results from Playtesting:

Best Part:

“The game was really enjoyable to play with friends strangers and could be used to build friendships”.

“The cards that are more “outlandish” are the more fun, allow for more extreme funny responses”

“The social aspect was great, coming up with the most insane policies even if they didn’t make any sense was a lot of fun.”

“Intense anxiety”, “Madness”

“You had to think about it alot”

Player in-game comments:

‘“Rich people are like flowers” and they help the garden grow”

“I don’t think this game is really about winning”

“I am too ethical to be a politician D:”

“Think about the cost of keeping those people alive”