Week 8 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part One of Two)

“As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems” Global Game Jam (2009). The Rapid Ideation 2 theme is "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems" (Global Game Jam 2009) followed three randomly generated articles in Wikipedia. I loved this idea along with … Continue reading Week 8 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part One of Two)

Week 8 Spark Forum

"In this Spark activity, you will need to place yourself in the shoes of the Ethics Review Committee. Read the case studies below, then share your answers to the discussion points in the forum below. Please take no longer than 15 minutes on each case study" (Falmouth University 2020). Case Study 1 "Tyrone wants to … Continue reading Week 8 Spark Forum

Week 7 Version control

Week 7's focus is on Version Control. While practising HTML5 and CSS for short courses on website design and development, I have submitted my work in GitHub (version control) for feedback. I also use GitHub to backup website projects I am working on sometimes. My Rapid Ideation 1 project Alchemy’s End made in Unity was saved and … Continue reading Week 7 Version control

Develop | Brighton 2020

Fig 1. Develop:Brighton Digital. 2020. [timetable] Develop:Brighton Digital 2020 Event: Nailing the Pitch: Practical Skills for Securing Multi-Million Pound Projects Objective-based document design (Wicks 2020). Nailing the Pitch, was a practical talk on how to present your game. As part of our assessment for this module, we are being asked to produce a capstone video, … Continue reading Develop | Brighton 2020

Sprint 2 Reflection

Material Week 4 Time ManagementWeek 5 ReflectionThe Five Reflective DomainsWeek 6 Reading WeekRapid Ideation One Personal Development The Open University course 'Succeeding in postgraduate study'Games and Books reviewsDevelop:Brighton Reflect-in-action Please see my blog posts for Sprint 2 for my reflection in-action. Reflect-on-action Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the news lately because CD Projekt Red asked … Continue reading Sprint 2 Reflection

Week 5 Rapid Ideation One (Part One of Two)

The Game Jam started Wednesday 14th October 2020, during our evening webinar. The first thing I did is play an hour of Among Us for inspiration. The second thing I did was plan my SMART goals. Dixit is always a wonderful instigator for creativity, and the surrealist illustrations lend themselves to this type of activity and … Continue reading Week 5 Rapid Ideation One (Part One of Two)

Week 5 The Five Reflective Domains & SMART Goals

Week 5 Reflective domain chart "Step 1 Review each of the entries you created in your journal one at a time. Which of the five reflective domains are mentioned? Edit each individual entry and use the tagging system to tag it with the reflective domains mentioned. Multiple domain tags can be used for a single … Continue reading Week 5 The Five Reflective Domains & SMART Goals

Week 5 Reflective Writing

For Week 5, we are looking at Reflective Writing in more detail. I have been practising writing in my blog for a few weeks now and reflecting on the materials, discussion topics and the challenge activities. For the Spark Forum, we looked at Reflect on-action, in-action and for-action. "Reflection-in-action is reflection during the ‘doing’ stage … Continue reading Week 5 Reflective Writing

Sprint 1 Reflection

Material Week 1 OrientationGetting to know each otherSetting out our goals for the module and our futureWeek 2 CreativityWhat is 'creativity'?Creative techniquesICEDIPWeek 3 PrototypingReverse-engineeringNarrative prototyping Personal Development Twine - "an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories" (Twine 2020).Getting to know the September 2020 cohort Reflect-in-action Please see my blog posts for Sprint 1 for … Continue reading Sprint 1 Reflection

Week 3 Challenge activity

"One of the best ways to hone your prototyping skills is to reverse engineer the finished work of other practitioners you admire. This allows you to practise with the various tools and unpack the design theory behind the work in question. To complete this activity, identify an artefact you feel is particularly interesting. This could … Continue reading Week 3 Challenge activity