Week 3 How AI is being used

How is creativity being used by Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Colton's (2020) discussion on Computation Creativity first struck chords of 1984 and other dystopian novels. AI 'creating' without any intervention from humankind, at the moment, is not possible, but even with human intervention, it feels a little creepy. "Creativity— the ability to produce ideas or artefacts … Continue reading Week 3 How AI is being used

Week 2 Challenge Activity

"Now we have explored a variety of techniques for helping to foster creativity and generate new ideas, let’s experiment with some of these ideation techniques. Begin this activity by selecting one or more of the ideation techniques discussed this week, then apply them to the following challenge:1. Choose an existing artefact that is the output … Continue reading Week 2 Challenge Activity

Week 2 What is creativity?

Spark Forum: "Think about times when you have needed to channel your own creativity. What did you do to foster this and did it change the way you see things" (Falmouth University 2020)? A blank page or canvas is something I spend a lot of time staring at, and I can find the same difficulty … Continue reading Week 2 What is creativity?