Sprint Four Reflection

Materials Week 10 Agile DevelopmentUser StoriesBuyer personaWeek 11 Real WorksLinkedIn NetworkingCVWeek 12 FinalisePreparation for the next module: Game DevelopmentIdeas for The Final Project: Indie Game Startup Personal Development InDesign an intensive courseInteractive documentsAnimation in PDFsDesign termsDesign practicesSigning up for HTML5 Apps and Games at EdXWatching Hades: Developing Hell (2018)Reading Understanding Comics (2017) Reflect-in-action Please see … Continue reading Sprint Four Reflection

Week 11 The Art of Approach

Real Works, The Art of Approach The Art of Approach covers the following topics: What makes a great CV?Opportunity Spotting and Planning your ApproachResearching EmployersLegendary LinkedIn profile builder:Cialdini's 7th Persuasion Principle: Using UnitySpeculative Application PlannerPerseverance and re-framing rejection The Art of Approach covers familiar topics for a freelancer and at one-time cv-writer (my favourite part … Continue reading Week 11 The Art of Approach

Week 10 Agile Development

The Agile Manifesto: "We are uncovering better ways of developingsoftware by doing it and helping others do it.Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over following a plan That is, while there is value in the items … Continue reading Week 10 Agile Development

Week 9 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part Two of Two)

Puzzle Design and Game Mechanics Puzzle design and game mechanics were developed in the second week. Our first idea involved a torch that you could use to combat fear but it transpired that this mechanism was too ambitious to develop in two weeks. I liked the idea, that light could defeat fear and this was … Continue reading Week 9 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part Two of Two)

Game Off 2020

Game Off (sponsored by GitHub) runs from the 1st of November 2020 to the 1st of December 2020. The theme 'Moonshot' was announced on the 1st of November 2020 and entries could interpret the theme however they choose. A 'Moonshot', something unlikely to succeed but it does, is an apt theme. You could choose to … Continue reading Game Off 2020

Week 8 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part One of Two)

“As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems” Global Game Jam (2009). The Rapid Ideation 2 theme is "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems" (Global Game Jam 2009) followed three randomly generated articles in Wikipedia. I loved this idea along with … Continue reading Week 8 Rapid Ideation 2 (Part One of Two)

Develop | Brighton 2020

Fig 1. Develop:Brighton Digital. 2020. [timetable] Develop:Brighton Digital 2020 Event: Nailing the Pitch: Practical Skills for Securing Multi-Million Pound Projects Objective-based document design (Wicks 2020). Nailing the Pitch, was a practical talk on how to present your game. As part of our assessment for this module, we are being asked to produce a capstone video, … Continue reading Develop | Brighton 2020

Sprint 2 Reflection

Material Week 4 Time ManagementWeek 5 ReflectionThe Five Reflective DomainsWeek 6 Reading WeekRapid Ideation One Personal Development The Open University course 'Succeeding in postgraduate study'Games and Books reviewsDevelop:Brighton Reflect-in-action Please see my blog posts for Sprint 2 for my reflection in-action. Reflect-on-action Cyberpunk 2077 has been in the news lately because CD Projekt Red asked … Continue reading Sprint 2 Reflection

Week 4 Rapid Ideation One approach and planning

"One of the exciting aspects of a rapid ideation (RI) session is there is often a big reveal in terms of the theme or brief. Even the organisers do not know what the theme is until the start of an event. This is done through the use of random generators, such as Brian Eno’s Oblique … Continue reading Week 4 Rapid Ideation One approach and planning