Develop | Brighton 2020

Fig 1. Develop:Brighton Digital. 2020. [timetable] Develop:Brighton Digital 2020 Event: Nailing the Pitch: Practical Skills for Securing Multi-Million Pound Projects Objective-based document design (Wicks 2020). Nailing the Pitch, was a practical talk on how to present your game. As part of our assessment for this module, we are being asked to produce a capstone video, … Continue reading Develop | Brighton 2020

Week 6 Book and documentary reviews

Book's that have inspired and informed my imagination, creativity and creation in Development practice. This is not a complete list of my reading material during Development Practice. The Freelancer Bible (2012) - Essential reading for anyone looking to begin offering their knowledge, skills and experience as a freelancer. Horowitz, S. and Toni Sciarra Poynter (2012) … Continue reading Week 6 Book and documentary reviews

Game reviews

‌An academic review of indie games and indie game studios related to my practice: Astrologaster (2019) Can games focused on history find success in the gaming world? Fig 1. Nyamyam. 2019. A comedy written in the stars [screenshot] Education, history, a great sense of humour Astrologaster is a blast. It is informative, as well as good … Continue reading Game reviews