Turtle Town – GamEngage Serious Game Jam

Turtle Town won 2nd Place & Peoples choice: https://gamengage.org/game-competition/2022-games/ Team: Sarah & Miranda THEME: Water Resilience Research: https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/about-flooding/flood-facts/different-types-of-flooding/ https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/sep/14/citizen-scientists-to-monitor-english-rivers-in-7m-scheme https://games4sustainability.org/gamepedia/lords-valley-board-game-wladcy-doliny/ Turtle Town Ideation Turtle Town Presentation Turtle Village Video Presentation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6NCp3JPvG4 Turtle Town Demo https://sarahdotgames.itch.io/turtle-town Turtle Town by Sarah.Games, Miranda

Sprint 8: Experiments, Playtesting, and Polish

Sprint Goals: Add extra juice like fire, and weatherFinish programming consequences and events, check level balancing and difficulty.Record and understand how players move through each 'mode' of my game. Iterate the game through rounds of playtesting for usability, engagement, difficulty and pacing. Iterate the game through rounds of quality assurance for bugs and playability.Write up … Continue reading Sprint 8: Experiments, Playtesting, and Polish

Sprint 7: Art, Building and Consequences

Sprint Goals: Work through art backlog and implement art assetsRefine Game MechanicsRefine and test Consequences Stretch Goals: Design UISound & Music Water Shader & New Islands Fig 1. Masters 2022. Video of Policies Consequences CityBuilding Mechanic The city building mechanic is designed to get the player emotionally invested in their town, so that they engage … Continue reading Sprint 7: Art, Building and Consequences

Sprint 6 – Level Design and Balance

Dynamic Storytelling with Ink & Multiple Stories Tools: https://github.com/videlais/ink-unity-integration Book: Dynamic Storytelling with the Ink Scripting Language Dan Cox offers an open source ink script for dynamic storytelling however the script only allowed a player to make one choice and then closed the event. Utilising his script, I iterated on what was there to create … Continue reading Sprint 6 – Level Design and Balance

Results of Survey: Choice

Results of the survey: https://impalpably.github.io/mp-prototype/Web/Choice/Sprint4Choice/ Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w7494P6AbHE4B6VEsQRKDTvphFucslNvqLGs0Cd-HJQ/edit?usp=sharing Quantitive Data Collecting Leader Stats Collecting Answers Qualitative Data On the Timer: Answers ranged from the small minority not noticing the timer to most participants expressing emotions like 'annoyed', 'pressured' 'anxious' 'stressed' and 'worried'. Most participants during the feedback form expressed these keywords in most of their answers. … Continue reading Results of Survey: Choice

Sprint 5 – Art Direction, Hope & Anxiety

Sprint Goal: Art Direction that elicits Anxiety & Hope. Sprint Reading: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/07/secret-world-beneath-our-feet-mind-blowing-key-to-planets-future Sprint Planning: To create a backgroundTo create all the icons for buildingsTo create a full card setTo begin special effects and animation Stretch goal: To finish programming building placement Moodboard Fig 1. Masters 2022. Games Moodboard Art Noveau Zodiac Calendar by Alphonse Mucha … Continue reading Sprint 5 – Art Direction, Hope & Anxiety

Eudaimonia: Narrative Design

Eudaimonia: is a concept at the centre of Aristotelian virtue ethics and describes a state of being, a flourishing of happiness through not just pleasure but meaningful decisions. Setting: A floating island named Eudaimonia is humanity's assurance against climate change, on the island you can cut emissions and adapt to climate change without obstruction. Characters: … Continue reading Eudaimonia: Narrative Design