Co-Creative Design & Development Practice – Work in Progress

Forming & The Power of Introverts

A few words about myself Pathway: Indie Game Development Unity (2D), art direction and story-telling are my strengths, while I also enjoy animation, visual scripting with tools like PlayMaker and learning to program. I am hopeful that Co-Creative Design & Development can branch my skills out into 3D games and modelling. During our MA in…

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Team Ideation & Sprint 0 ‘Avatar’

There are those that advise avoiding certain types of team name for fear you will be judged badly (Pollack and Wakid, 2011), but not us! We want you to think outside the box, gather behind the box, throw ideas into the box and then set said box on fire. Naming your team is an opportunity…

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Storming & The Team Charter

Team Rock-it formed a few weeks late, which delayed our storming stage. The two main instigators of the ‘Storming’ period are the mystery and inaccessibility of the prototype and participation in The team charter. I pushed the team to all contribute to a team charter, I felt that a charter will support everyone through the…

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Reflections on Workplace Stress & Sprint 2

Sprint Goal: Set up ProBuilder in Unity and start creating an environment During Sprint 2, the team were in the ‘storming’ phase. “Traits of Storming include resistance, lack of participation, conflict, competition, high emotions, and moving towards group norms” (Graffius 2021). I experienced high emotions during the storming stage, while I feel I kept my…

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Sprint 3 ‘Direction and Design’

Sprint Goal: Set up the Art Direction and collaborate as a team to set clearly designed goals for Klubbing concept Note: During Sprint 3, the team were still in the ‘storming’ phase. I started working on an Art Direction Document and asked for collaboration on a One-Page Design Document – only one member participated in…

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Norming, New Direction & Sprint 5 ‘A rapid design sprint’

Note: The team split in two during Week 8. We held a meeting with our supervisor, coordinated all the research and progress we’ve made so far and decided on a new direction through a rapid design sprint. A personal reflection on a valuable experience for ‘norming’. While thinking about while I was working on a…

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Performing & Sprint 6 ‘A new look, features and music’ WIP

Team Rock-it are short on time, and there are now only two members left – it’s time we Blast Off into the performing stage! How will Team Rock-it blast off? Fail Fast! Looking back, moving forwards and The Conflict Fast Model. Co-Creative Design and Development has been eventful for myself and our team, during the…

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Invest in SPACE, Team Rock-it pitch cocktails and live music WIP

The team are working through our pitch decks while simultaneously building the prototype. Week 8 (Sprint 5)- ResearchWeek 9 (Sprint 6) – Brainstorming and collating researchWeek 10 (Sprint 7) – Draft & FeedbackWeek 11 (Sprint 8) – Submit Pitch Research (Sprint 5) Pitch Approach The Power of Three Again (because it works – Sustainability, Inclusivity…

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Intellectual Property and Third Party Assets WIP

“The best way to familiarise yourself with IP law is to research contemporary case studies directly related to your own practice. Staying abreast of contemporary issues ensures you are not only aware of the laws but also the precedents set in your time. The breadth of issues covered by the mainstream media is vast, ranging…

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