Co-Creative Design & Development Practice

Module Aim: “To cultivate ways of collaborating and managing creative projects effectively in a distributed multidisciplinary context” (Falmouth University 2021).

Module Description: “On this module, you will work in a team on a problem-led creative computing project. You refine and apply the practical skills that you have learned, bringing them to bear on a co-creative endeavour. Typically, but not necessarily, a small game or creative app. This will enable you to enrich your project management and collaboration skills, as well as increase your knowledge of how to coordinate between multiple project stakeholders in a distributed multidisciplinary context. To this end, you will embark on a new and creatively-driven development project, and that you will pursue across the study block” (Falmouth University 2021).

“As this is a peer-orientated project, you will work collectively with your team to situate, design, and implement, and evaluate your creative artefact. With the support of a supervisor, you will strategically manage: scope; workflow; communication; roles and responsibilities; change; as well as source code and asset repositories. This includes defining a specification and contract that outlines the major features of your digital product or service at the outset of the project, working in an agile fashion, and holding retrospectives in which you reflect critically on teamwork” (Falmouth University 2021).

Weeks 1 & 2 – Forming & The Power of Introverts

A few words about myself Pathway: Indie Game Development Unity (2D), art direction and story-telling are my strengths; I also enjoy animation, visual scripting with tools like PlayMaker and learning to program. I am hopeful that Co-Creative Design & Development can branch my skills out into 3D games and modelling. During our MA in Indie…

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Week 3 – Team Ideation & Sprint 0 ‘Avatar’

Note: Team Rock-it joined together as a team of five in Week 3. Course Materials: Ideation There are those that advise avoiding certain types of team name for fear you will be judged badly (Pollack and Wakid, 2011), but not us! We want you to think outside the box, gather behind the box, throw ideas…

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Week 6 Part Two – Sprint 3 ‘Direction and Design’

Note: During Sprint 3, the team were still in the ‘storming’ phase. I started working on an Art Direction Document and asked for collaboration on a One-Page Design Document – only one member participated in designing a prototype and collaborating towards a common goal. Sprint 6 Sprint Goal: Set up the Art Direction and collaborate…

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Week 8 Part Two – Intellectual Property and Third Party Assets

Course Materials: Intellectual Property “The best way to familiarise yourself with IP law is to research contemporary case studies directly related to your own practice. Staying abreast of contemporary issues ensures you are not only aware of the laws but also the precedents set in your time. The breadth of issues covered by the mainstream…

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Week 9 Part One – Performing & Sprint 6 ‘Feature Design’

Team Rock-it are short on time, and there are now only two members left – it’s time we Blast Off into the performing stage! Course Materials: Performing How will Team Rock-it blast off? Fail Fast! (Pimentel Medeiros 2016) Looking back, moving forwards and The Conflict Fast Model Co-Creative Design and Development has been eventful for…

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Weeks 8, 9 & 10 Part Two – Preparing the Pitch for Feedback and Demo planning

Week 8 Sprint 5 Pitch Approach Roles Pitch Lead: Joanne Petrillo Team: Team, What’s Unique (USP), Why you?Joanne Petrillo: Intro, Customer Traction, Pain & Gain, Research, Competitor Analysis, Product & Demo (navigation focus)Sarah Masters: Product & Demo (art direction focus), Roadmap, Business Model, Investment/Why you/Future Features, Call to Action & End Statement Pitch Audience Our…

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Weeks 10 & 11 – Pitch Feedback, and Creating the Demo

Pitch Team Feedback “Replace image in slide with monstera leaf – too obviously fake which seems counterintuitive while talking about sustainability (also colour blocks on background should be on-brand)” (Petrillo 2021) “The ‘discovering’ slide needs less text (8 seconds not enough to read it alongside narration). Maybe also remove laptop photo slide?” (Petrillo 2021) Practice…

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Week 12 – Packaging for Submission & Finalising the Pitch & Demo

Pitch Polishing the Pitch By Week 12 the pitch was largely finalised, we discussed our pitch with our supervisor and completed some improvements. The main addition to our pitch deck was a revision of our branding by our UX team and data and comments from playtesting. During our previous sprints, I had been working on…

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Week 13 – Adjourning, Crunch, Project Retrospective, New Skills, What is a Team & Team Rock-it Blast Off Again!

Course Materials Adjourning, Team Seperation & Celebrating Success Adjourning (Tuckman 1977) is a chance to celebrate our success and reflect on our skills and knowledge learned. The team should find some time to reflect on skills learned and celebrate accomplishments. I spoke to the team about our achievements, how much I had enjoyed working together…

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Falmouth University. 2021. GDD730 Co-Creative Design & Development Practice. Available at: [accessed on 1 June 2021]