Indie Games Development

MA in Indie Games Development (part-time) September 2020 to 2022.

Aim: To deepen your sense of development practice through a focused personal case study” (Falmouth University 2020).

Game Development (Complete)

“Aim: To integrate skills across disciplinary boundaries to realise a small indie game as an individual creative practitioner” (Falmouth University 2020).

Aim: To cultivate ways of collaborating and managing creative projects effectively in a distributed multidisciplinary context” (Falmouth University 2020).

Indie Game Start-Up

Aim: To design and prepare to launch a small business with a focus on indie game development” (Falmouth University 2020).

Major Project

“Aim: To deliver a ‘major’ research and development project” (Falmouth University 2020).


Falmouth University. 2020. Course documents. Available at: [accessed on 25 September 2020]