Pitch and Demo

Weeks 8, 9 & 10 Part Two – Preparing the Pitch for Feedback and Demo planning

Week 8 Sprint 5 Pitch Approach Roles Pitch Lead: Joanne Petrillo Team: Team, What’s Unique (USP), Why you?Joanne Petrillo: Intro, Customer Traction, Pain & Gain, Research, Competitor Analysis, Product & Demo (navigation focus)Sarah Masters: Product & Demo (art direction focus), Roadmap, Business Model, Investment/Why you/Future Features, Call to Action & End Statement Pitch Audience Our…

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Weeks 10 & 11 – Pitch Feedback, and Creating the Demo

Pitch Team Feedback “Replace image in slide with monstera leaf – too obviously fake which seems counterintuitive while talking about sustainability (also colour blocks on background should be on-brand)” (Petrillo 2021) “The ‘discovering’ slide needs less text (8 seconds not enough to read it alongside narration). Maybe also remove laptop photo slide?” (Petrillo 2021) Practice…

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Week 12 – Packaging for Submission & Finalising the Pitch & Demo

Pitch Polishing the Pitch By Week 12 the pitch was largely finalised, we discussed our pitch with our supervisor and completed some improvements. The main addition to our pitch deck was a revision of our branding by our UX team and data and comments from playtesting. During our previous sprints, I had been working on…

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