Game & Narrative Designer

Artist and Person who makes games

Selected Projects

Role: Solo Developer

Moth Magic, made for Ludum Dare Compo. A tiny retro pixel art game, which will be designed and developed with green development goals in mind to be published on Playdate, Steam Deck and Itch.

Tech: Pico-8, LUA

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πŸ†πŸ† Ranked 8th out of 600+ entries in the GitHub Game Off Jam πŸ† πŸ†

Role: Narrative Design & VFX

Team Project

A ‘Zoom Enhance’ Vaporwave Detective Game!

Description: In an alternate timeline in the 90’s, can a regular squirrel like you put together the clues from CCTV footage and find the suspects that threaten public order?

Tech: Unity, ShaderGraph, Particle Generator, Yarn Spinner

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Role: Solo Developer

Description: A choice and consequence city-building adventure. Eudaimonia is a solo project in which I designed and programmed a unique narrative system.

Tech: Unity, PlayMaker, C#, Ink

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Role: Solo Developer

Description: You’ll need wits, intelligence and creativity to make it out of Flora Fatalis alive. Discover the scandalous secrets from the duchess’s past, fascinating facts about fatal flora and rare and unusual creatures, and one day, you’ll know the mystery of why the garden exists.

Tech: Unity, PlayMaker, C#, Adobe Creative Suite

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Role: Game Design, Game Developer, Presentation & Special Effects

Team Project

πŸ† πŸ† Winner of the People’s Choice Award πŸ†πŸ†

Tech: Unity, C#, PlayMaker


Miscellaneous Projects and Game Jams

Phorkys, a solo project and an underwater adventure

Tech: Unity, PlayMaker, 2D Animation with Spine, Particle Generator

Hades of State, a team project and satire based on dante’s inferno and an exploration of procedurally generated maps and narrative from real conversations with politicians.

Tech: Unity, C#, Ink, Makovify

Broken Seal, a team project and a 48 hour game jam, where I developed an aurora shader for a multiplayer adorable seal game – I also contributed many seally seal puns!

Tech: Unity, Shadergraph

Phobot, a team project and 2D platformer about fear and cute robots.

Tech: Unity, 2D Animation with Spine

Yay Jam for Falmouth, A super Cute Narhwal ocean game

Tech: 2D Animation with Spine

Space, team project where I was the sole game developer and a pitch for a sustainable metaverse with cocktail masterclasses, music and virtual hipster events

Tech: Unity, C#, PlayMaker, Probuilder

Alchemys End, a point and click adventure with talking porcupines and gecko’s

Tech: Unity, Adventure Creator