Indie Game Developer & Doctoral Games Researcher

Founder and creative director of Flora.Games, a boutique games studio working on an unannounced project.

Based at The University of York, funded by EPSRC with the Intelligent Games, Games Intelligence Centre (iGGi) for Doctoral Training.

You can contact me at [email protected] or any of my social links:

University of York.
Based in London & York.

Latest Projects:

Moth Magic

A retro-pixel art game designed to be green. The Butterfly Conversation project highlights a 33% decline in moth population, Moth Magic aims to highlight light pollution, climate change and steps to help nocturnal biodervisity.

Solo Project

Tech: Pico-8, Lua, Pixel Art, Greening the Game Industry: https://gtg.benabraham.net/

Skills: Programming, Game Design, Level Design, Tech Art, Concept Art


Beautiful – it captures the stressful lives of butterflies

really cool game, amazing mood and style. Love old school games, they are like time portals.

the idea and touch is really unique, I really like the vivied feeling on such limited pixels

Luna Moth VR/ AR

Currently under development. An explorative fairycore multiplayer game inspired by Outer Wilds, where you traverse an alien world like the Luna Moth. You can play the prototype developed in 48 hours for the iGGi Game Jam

Team Project

Tech: Unity VR, C# URP, ShaderGraph, GitHub

Skills: Game Design, Level Design, Tech Art, Concept Art


I loved exploring the world, the art is very pretty.

I like that I am not alone while I play, reminds me of Journey


Step into a 90s alternate timeline as a vigilant squirrel, using CCTV footage to uncover suspects and maintain order , with the help of a nutty assistant to scan and enhance photos. ๐Ÿ† Ranked 8th out of 600+ entries in the GitHub Game Off Jam ๐Ÿ†

Team Project

Tech: Unity, URP, ShaderGraph, Yarn Spinner, GitHub

Skills: Narrative Design, Level Design, VFX & Tech Art


Oh my gosh this game is so polished and elaborate with everything…full narrative, stylish art, brilliant audio, intriguing mechanic. It truly amazed me and drew me in for its entirety!!

Wow wow wow. Blown away by the overall quality and polish on this, it just feels good to play. Also, I havenโ€™t played many things like it, in a jam or not, and to top it off the writing is solid and pretty funny.


Developed a unique narrative system with Ink that adapts to your actions! Save the world in 8 days in this choice consequence city-building card game with Solarpunk elements! Things will get catastrophically worse, if you ignore the climate crises.

Solo Project

Tech: Unity, PlayMaker, URP, ShaderGraph, Ink, GitHub

Skills: Programming, Narrative Tech, Narrative Design, Game Writing, Level Design, 2D Art & Animations, Concept Art


The concept/scenario drew me in and the design was very atmospheric

I liked the overall game it was designed beautifully.

It only takes a couple of mistakes to put things too off track to fix, but keeping the balance between people being happy and doing the right thing was also difficult to choose!