Artist, Game Developer and Researcher.

Postgraduate Researcher at The University of York (iGGI) designing play experiences to explore the lasting emotional impact of games for social change. For more posts about the role of game design in saving the world, see an introduction to my research.

I am supervised by Dr Jo Iacovides 🌱 (Game Design, Games with a Purpose, Player Experience) and Dr Ben Kirman 🐶 (Game Design, Computational Creativity, Player Experience, (E)Sports, and Dog Technology).

Skills: Unity, Visual Scripting (PlayMaker), GitHub, ShaderGraph, Spine, Adobe Creative Suite. Upskilling in C# shaders and Blender.

For a portfolio of games, see sarahdotgames.itch.io.

You can contact me at [email protected] or any of my social links:

University of York.
Based in London & York.