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  • The Five Reflective Domains
    D = Dispositional domain A = Affective domain I = Interpersonal domain C = Cognitive domain P = Procedural domain
  • Activity, Research, Planning and Development
    R = Research – to write-up responses to what you have seen, read or watched. D = Development – to document the development of your research project(s) and assignments. A = Activity – to log your weekly tasks and activities. P = Planning – to document and planning for SMART goals.
  • Sprint Four Reflection
    Materials Week 10 Agile Development User Stories Buyer persona Week 11 Real Works LinkedIn Networking CV Week 12 Finalise Preparation for the next module: Game Development Ideas for The Final Project: Indie Game Startup Personal Development InDesign an intensive course Interactive documents Animation in PDFs Design terms Design practices Signing up for HTML5 Apps and … Continue reading Sprint Four Reflection
  • Week 12 Finale
    The last twelve weeks. Participation: My grandmother graduated from The Open University with a science degree, and my grandfather studied but sadly died before he could graduate – I feel strongly about the opportunity to study in a flexible and distance institution.
  • Week 11 The Art of Approach
    Real Works, The Art of Approach The Art of Approach covers the following topics: What makes a great CV? Opportunity Spotting and Planning your Approach Researching Employers Legendary LinkedIn profile builder: Cialdini’s 7th Persuasion Principle: Using Unity Speculative Application Planner Perseverance and re-framing rejection The Art of Approach covers familiar topics for a freelancer and … Continue reading Week 11 The Art of Approach