For this week’s challenge, please create at least two key animations for your game project, and integrate them into your game engine. You can create more if you have time.

The kinds of animation you make will depend on your gameplay and art style, but could include a character run cycle, jump or attack, a particle system or animated shader, or a user interface animation. If you are using third party character animations in your project, start hooking these up to your character rig. You can also start creating the state machines or code, to trigger animations in response to gameplay

Atmosphere and particle generators

Phorkys Version 4

Originally I designed and animated Phorkys Version 4 to be the protagonist but I didn’t feel he had enough visual interest and it was hard to identify with the robot. I felt my underwater robot needed to be a little friendlier.

My plan is to swap in Phorkys Version 4 and his animations into my level design as a boss character. Some of the more exagerated stretch and squash animations might suit an end of level battle!

Phorky’s Version 5


Dream World

The Art of Ponyo

The Art of Pixar

Elemental magic