Submission Sprint

Sprint Planning

  • Usability polish, including UI Overhaul, Climate Change Track and Tutorial Improvements
  • Rigorous Testing and Bug Fixing
  • A complete write-up of results and form responses
  • Polish video showcase of design and development journey

Usability and Polish

In the final weeks I straightened all the UI and polished the help and tips screens. I finished a few small features in development like a morale boost for a higher city score and I rigorously tested for all the bugs I could find. I also reiterated and spell checked my ink files and stories one final time!

Fig 1. Masters 2022. New Cards UI

Fig 2. Masters 2022. New Icons UI

Fig 3. Masters 2022. New Climate Change Track Box

New and Popular!

Eudaimonia received a great response on, and responses and feedback were incredibly useful for developing my game. The game fit a few tags like card, city-builder and solarpunk, so on top of promoting my game on social media players were discovering my game through tags like new and popular!

Fig 4. Masters 2022. Published on


The final sprint I wrote up my results and polished my game, progress went slow and steady as I began to process that this was my last ever sprint for the MA in Indie Game Development! Overall I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved and how different I am as a game designer, researcher and person.

The journey has been magical!

Fig 5. Masters 2022. The End

List of Figures

Figure 1. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. New Cards UI.

Figure 2. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. New Icons UI.

Figure 3. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Climate Change Track Box.

Figure 4. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. Published on

Figure 5. Sarah MASTERS. 2022. The End.